About the Oasis Hub


Oasis Hub Ltd, was launched in June, 2017 and is an on-line aggregator and conduit for the most advanced and accurate catastrophe, environmental and climate change data, tools and services from both the private and public sectors with the support of our founding funders EIT Climate-KIC, EC H2020, Oasis LMF insurance and associate members and a large range of universities, research institutes and SME's across Europe. Bringing together global bite size data, tools and services is intended to provide businesses and local authorities with the information they need to understand their risk and develop their disaster resilience and climate adaptation strategies in the face of a rapidly changing world. 

What is it?

The Oasis HUB is an online portal/marketplace for the publishing and purchasing of environmental data, adaptation planning tools, models and services.

Data Sources

Data  on the Oasis Hub is provided in partnerships with leading academic, government, businesses and specialist risk organisations, as well as building on freely available data.

Tools and Services

The Oasis HUB also makes tools and services available. Tools fall into the following categories:

  • Hazard Scenario
  • Meteorological 
  • Mapping 
  • Programming
  • Hydraulic
  • Vector
  • Statistical

Consulting and advisory services, enable the better understanding of deployment, and/or the creation of adaptation strategies.


The overall HUB assists data providers in getting their work to market, quickly and cost effectively.  Reducing time and costs to take adaptation from academic theory to actionable outcomes. The HUB facilitates the creation of market opportunities in known markets and identifies opportunities in new markets. 

For consumers of data, such as Catastrophe Modellers, Resilience/Risk Officers/City Mayors/Smart City Designers, Risk Managers in Financial and Insurance Services, and Real Estate and Critical Infrastructure, and Risk/Operations/Supply Chain Managers, charities and NGO's,  the Oasis HUB provides access to data, tools and associated services through a simple to use, yet powerful membership community.

 Watch this short video and hear from seven leading names from insurance, academia, science and policy.