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Global - City-level Climate Projections - The Climate Data Factory

City-level data package

This is a data package consisting of 2 weather variables (temperature and precipitation) and 40 indicators, presented in a monthly time series from 1951 to 2100, as simulated by 17 to 21 models (depending on variable) under 2 greenhouse gas emission scenarios (RCP4.5 and RCP8.5). The data format is a time series from a single site, corresponding to the centre of a model grid box of 0.25°x 0.25° (about 25km x 25km).

Ready to use Climate Projection Data

The data is classed as "Ready to use" because it is suitable for direct use in climate change impact studies and physical risk assessments. Data is obtained through statistical processing with advanced methods to remove model biases, increasing spatial resolution and control output quality.

Reference Thomas Noël, Harilaos Loukos, Dimitri Defrance, Mathieu Vrac, Guillaume Levavasseur, A high-resolution downscaled CMIP5 projections dataset of essential surface climate variables over the globe coherent with the ERA5 reanalysis for climate change impact assessments, Data in Brief, Volume 35, 2021, 106900, ISSN 2352-3409,

Recommended Uses

Our 'Ready to use' data is useful for quick exploration of future climate conditions at a specific location. It is intended to inform about possible trends and changes to support qualitative assessments. For example for establishing an adaptation strategy, it provides the background information allowing you to infer a general understanding of the extent to which climate change may affect your region of interest (e.g., allows you to assess how temperature or precipitation may evolve allowing you evaluate societal impact).

Is the observation data from measurements at weather stations?

Not exactly. What we call “observations” are actually “Reanalysis” data. Reanalysis is a technique that combines climate modelling and measurements from all kinds of weather instruments. In this dataset, the reanalysis data is called ERA5 and available from the Copernicus Climate Change Service, provided through the Climate data store.

What are the limitations ?

The data is comparable but not exactly similar to what a weather station measures. If you compare the present observation data with your favourite historical weather station data they should be close but they will probably not match because they do not represent the same spatial scale (a square meter compared to several hundreds of square kilometers).

Do not expect the model date to be comparable on a day to day basis between models or with the provided observations. It is the statistics over a 20 to 30 year period that should be compared not specific days or months.

Do not expect the data to account for small scale processes that might alter the values given here. For instance, to account for the Urban Heat-Island effect further modelling at higher spatial resolution is required.

Available Cities

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Additional Info

Field Value
Author Harilaos Loukos
Maintainer Oasis Hub
Last Updated March 25, 2021, 21:54 (Etc/UTC)
Created March 18, 2021, 14:48 (Etc/UTC)
Time range From: 1951 To: 2100
Origin Places Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania
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