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Berlin, Germany - District-level environmental database: high-resolution meteorological and air quality data (2012-2016) - ARIA Technologies

This dataset contains a high-resolution environmental database for Berlin and Potsdam areas, including two types of parameters: Meteorological and Air Quality. The Meteorological database includes Wind Speed, Relative Humidity, Air Pressure and Temperature (mean). The Air Quality database includes daily mean concentrations for Nitrogen Oxide (NOX), Fine Particles (PM2.5) and Ozone (O3).

For this database, the measurements of ground stations have been spatialized on a regular grid with a resolution of 500m, re-gridded to ZIP code and, finally, aggregated by district (average). The spatialization was performed by applying a Land-Use Regression-based approach for pollutant fields and the Nearest Neighbor Method for the meteorological fields applied by ARIA Technologies. Furthermore, the Temperature database was improved by remote sensing-based methodology able to capture temperature spatial patterns within ZIP codes, including Urban Heat Island effects by climate researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) .

Two different *.csv files are available for download: daily values and annual averages (2012-2016). All data is organized by district-level (13 districts total), frequent aggregation level for socioeconomic variables which can be crossed with environmental risk factors. Using the embedded WMS, you can explore the annual averages dataset. Description of the fields/variables is included on file headers. This dataset was organized by the Health Demonstrator Work Package on H2020 Insurance Project for climatic risk assessment. For further info on how this type of dataset can be useful to reduce climate risk impact on human health, please watch our webinar, as part of the 2019 Oasis Hub Webinar Series (available below).


Berlin & Potsdam Annual Average Map (toggle layers and legend on top bar)


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Author Samya de Lara Pinheiro & Christina Hoffmann
Maintainer Leo Hussain
Version 1.0
Last Updated November 30, 2020, 11:45 (Etc/UTC)
Created January 6, 2020, 15:33 (Etc/UTC)
Time range From: 01/01/2012 To: 12/31/2016
Origin Places Europe, Germany
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