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The OASIS Future Danube River Segment Flood Event Set provides current and future flood risk for the entire Danube basin and over 13'000 river segments. Peak flood discharge (m2s-1) for a range of flood recurrence intervals (e.g. 100, 500 or 10000-year floods) is included. The unique features are the adherence to both insurance industry and climate impact science standards: It is simulated by a continuous, distributed hydrological model driven by a state of the art stochastic weather generator over 10000-year synthetic climate periods under IPCC climate change scenarios (RCP-4.5, RCP-8.5 and 4 GCM-RCM model combinations). Historical flood intervals relate to the baseline period 1970-1999 and future periods are the medium (2020-2049) and long-term (2070-2099). Data columns provide future recurrence interval (years) as well as climate model uncertainty ranges of one standard deviation (years).

This is a dataset available for purchase under license. If you are interested in the wider dataset please contact us through the purple price on application button on this page.

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Last Updated May 15, 2018, 11:10 (Etc/UTC)
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