GDACS is a cooperation framework between the United Nations and the European Commission. It includes disaster managers and disaster information systems worldwide and aims at filling the information and coordination gaps in the first phase after major disasters.

GDACS provides real-time access to web‐based disaster information systems and related coordination tools. A more detailed description of GDACS purpose, content and guidelines, agreed and approved by the steering committee can be found here.

GDACS activities are presented and endorsed by the GDACS Advisory Board, which is currently chaired by the Joint Research Centre. Annual GDACS Advisory Group meetings are attended by disaster managers, scientists, map experts, webmasters and other professionals, to define standards for information exchange and a strategy for further development of related tools and services.

The Activation and Coordination Support Unit (ACSU) or Emergency Response Support Branch (ERSB) in the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Geneva acts as GDACS Secretariat.