GECOsistema is a specialist environmental consulting engineering and research company providing advanced consulting, scientific research, innovation, product developments, data science and modeling services in the fields of: water, energy, air and noise pollution, climate change and environmental risk assessment.

GECOsistema operates at both global, national and local levels in collaboration with highly qualified partners. We combine advanced environmental modelling, geographic Information System-GIS and Spatial Analysis tools, remote sensing and satellite observations, predictive analytics, data science and machine learning with razor-sharp intellectual skills to give you the critical insight you need into environmental and climate issues.

Main clients and partners we work with : Local authorities and Governments, multi-utility companies (HERA), research centers (CMCC, SMHI, EURAC, GFZ), universities (UNIBO, UNITN, TUWIEN, UNIBAS) , Oil&Gas players and engineering companies (AECOM, Syndial, Enereco, ENI).

GECOsistema has his main offices in Italy (Cesena, Rimini and Bolzano).