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Global - SmartFLOOD - GecoSistema

SmartFLOOD is an innovative Artificial Intelligence Cloud-Web platform developed to drastically reduce cost and processing time in mapping Fluvial Flood Hazard at large-scales and at high resolution (less than 30 m) anywhere in the world.

SmartFLOOD generates in in real-time comprehensive flood risk map of the entire planet, integrating large scale and high resolution open data and artificial intelligence algorithms for supporting robust evidence-based decision-making in flood risk management.

SmartFLOOD provides quickly to our clients (public authorities, civil protection agencies, insurance and re-insurance companies, critical infrastructure, but also citizens) detailed information about areas and assets prone to flooding that supports decision-making and the design measures and the defining of risk transfer schemes (insurance).

SmartFLOOD intelligence is composed by two components:

  • High resolution (25 m) Geomorphic Flood Index - GFI generated processed DEM
  • A Machine Learning binary classification algorithm

Calibrating the GFI for a specific area of interest over an available flood hazard reference map, provided by existing studies (es. JRC flood hazard maps) or numerical hydrodynamic simulations uploaded directly by the user , the SmarFLOOD platform delivers an higher resolution (downscaling) and an extrapolation (from a sub-basing to the entire hydrological basin) of the flood hazard reference maps than can be used in more accurate flood risk assessment studies.

The Web Service is designed to provides end-users with the possibility to consistently and cost-effectively extend local detailed flood studies (i.e. those coming from complex flood models, field studies or remote sensing detection) in uncovered data-scarce regions, to extrapolate them to larger scales and downscale to finer resolutions.

The service is fully operative and covers the entire PAN-EU and a seperate version covers the world, implementing the Geomorphic Flood Index (GFI; Samela et al., 2017) workflow described in Tavares da Costa et al. (2017) and developed under the System-Risk project (

Published papers:
Tavares et al. “A web application for hydrogeomorphic flood hazard mapping, Environmental Modelling and Software” (2019), doi:

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