About us

Oasis Hub was launched in June 2017, as an aggregator for catastrophe, extreme weather and environmental risk data, tools & services, as well to provide data set enhancement, development and data aggregation services.

The key driver & focus was to create an open, transparent, data platform that would inevitably help provide environmental, climate change and catastrophe risk information to business and wider society, whilst providing everyone with a platform that encourages collaboration and crossover around data and services.

The Hub provides our members with over 1500+ free & commercially licensable catastrophe & environmental risk datasets sourced from over 165 environmental data providers around the world.

It has a robust Global community of over 1300 Oasis Hub members from a wide range of sectors, including insurance, finance, development & engineering and consultancy.

Our agreement with all the our Data providers is that we can offer their data, tools and services at cost and are then paid a commission to do so. The commission is then re-invested back into the hub, helping us to bring in more new and innovative data, tools and services and provide an even better service for industry and Oasis Hub members in the future.

It’s a win-win scenario for all concerned.