How to use Oasis Hub

How To Use Oasis Hub

How Oasis Hub Works

How to use Oasis Hub
Becoming a data user on the Oasis Hub is a simple process. The first step is to become a member of our community. Once you have an account, this opens up all information on data resources and tools for you to browse through and search for. Please join our newsletter to get regular news and updates from Oasis Hub.

Free data can be downloaded immediately.

For commercial data and tools, there are two pricing structure types on the Hub - some are listed with transparent, set prices which can be purchased through our checkout system via card payments or you can request an organisational invoice from and some listings have conditional, withheld pricing, which requires a quotation requests based on use cases or per-request computational modelling. Invoices are available on request.

The final step is to download the data once agreeing to the EULA, and then loading the data into a suitable software or system. 
If you would like Oasis Hub to map the data on a GIS system please make a request to . There will be a charge to do this.

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