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How to become a provider

Becoming a provider on the Oasis Hub enables you to upload and list data, tools or services produced by yourself or your organisation. Oasis Hub can act as a distributor of your free, open data but also as a reseller if you intend to upload commercial data or tools. By having Oasis Hub as your distributor or reseller, you can benefit from our extensive network and community to market your product and services. The greatest part is, whether free or commercial, you can upload and list your material free of charge and take advantage of our marketing and exposure services.
As a reseller, Oasis Hub offers two ways to sell your data or tools:

  1. Transparent, set pricing per dataset/tool and purchases via site checkout
  2. Withheld, conditional pricing based on data volume request/modelling on-demand and purchases via purchase orders or site checkout
Transparent pricing enables the user to view the price and purchase your data or tool by simply adding to basket and paying by card. The second choice featuring private pricing hides any listed prices to all users. Under this listing setting, the user is required to contact Oasis Hub via a ‘Get Price’ button which replaces the ‘Add to basket’ button. In the contact message, users are required to request a quote and detail their intentions of use of your data/tool and any other required information, such as organisation details, required specifications and extents etc. The quotation request will be forwarded to you via Oasis Hub and once a quotation has been sent back, a purchase order can be generated if the customer wishes to purchase. Alternatively, a custom basket process can be set up where customers can pay via card on the site.
To summarise, the steps of the on-boarding process are:
  • Become a member of our community
  • Create an organisation here (You must be an Oasis Hub member first to create an organisation, sign up here)
  • If you wish to sell commercially sign a reseller agreement and agree on an end-user license agreement (EULA) to be applied to your uploaded data or tools (applicable to commercial providers only). You can use the Oasis Hub EULA or your own organisations EULA. All schedules should be completed including what data & tools you wish Oasis Hub to sell and the prices of the data/ tools, which will not be open unless you prefer fully open pricing, which you should specify in the agreement. 
  • Once signed you can upload your data or toolplease make sure you include the data/ tool and documentation tell potential buyers about the data/ or a peer reviewed paper and supply a sample of your data for potential buyers to consider.
  • The data or tool will then be approved by Oasis Hub as coming from a verified source
  • Sell your data to our users

The reseller agreement is available to download on your organisations profile page. If you have any questions or wish to discuss the reseller agreement, please contact us on

Oasis Hub charge a flat 20% commission on all data, tool licenses and services sold at the rate you would usually sell your data for. There is no charge for marketing on the Hub.

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