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Dec. 3, 2019
Share your climate, environmental and disaster risk data and tools with Oasis Hub’s global collaboration community!

Share your climate, environmental and disaster risk data and tools with Oasis Hub’s global collaboration community

Looking to increase your research impact through sharing and collaborating around your climate, environmental and disaster risk data? Then why not consider joining the Oasis Hub global collaboration community. Oasis Hub offers a global sharing and dissemination portal that can expand your research impact whilst increasing data availability, openness and transparency for tackling the world’s environmental and disaster risk assessment and planning.

We need to share data. We need to pool resources. We need to act collaboratively.
The world is facing an immediate need to understand it's risks and adapt to environmental issues, climate change, and natural disasters. The data you have developed and hold in your institutional databases and data portals becomes an increasingly important part of helping the world prepare for these global challenges. Oasis Hub wants to provide all sectors to find the data, analytical tools, and services they need to respond to these challenges. We also understand how important it is for your institution to achieve and expand your research impact. Oasis Hub can help you disseminate and innovate your data, tools, and services to the thousands of institutions that would find your data useful. We use online, social media, B2B marketing techniques, and organisational collaborations to increase the awareness and use of your data, tools, and services.
We offer a variety of services and memberships, specifically tailored for our partners, which accommodates all types of partnerships. In 2020, we are also launching new additions to our membership services focusing intricately on increasing potential research impact and exposure. From cataloguing and indexing services to fully bespoke platforms, we have a service for you. For more information, please read here
We are open. We are transparent. We are bold.
Oasis Hub is an independent, global aggregator of data, tools, and services for catastrophe, extreme weather, climate change, and environmental risk. We also provide services in data set enhancement, data aggregation, and commercialisation. We help our users to understand the wealth of global, public & private sector data, tools, and services available to assist their risk assessment, climate adaptation and resilience planning. 
The Hub currently provides our members with thousands of free & commercially licensable datasets, tools and services, sourced from over 173 environmental data providers from around the world. We have a robust global community of over 1350+ Oasis Hub members from a wide range of sectors, including insurance, finance, development, engineering, and consultancy. Oasis Hub was launched in June, 2017 as a collaboration between the insurance and academic sectors. Under this collaboration, the Oasis Hub aimed to address the issues they were experiencing. Insurers needed a single marketplace for high-quality, verified, global data. Academics, on the other hand, needed an online space to disseminate their resources whilst expanding research impact and fueling innovation. We pride ourselves in having built a global collaboration between data providers and end-users.
Please feel free to share this with your colleagues and network.
It’s a win-win scenario for all concerned.
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