Climate change data on a global scale: empowering risk management and resilience - JBA Risk Management

Nov. 17, 2020
Watch JBA Risk Management's director Jane Toothill & Sarah Jones, Climate Risk Consultant, explain their latest data suite focussed on climate change and future flood exposure.

JBA’s Climate Change Analytics enables organisations across re/insurance, international finance, International Development and more to understand and manage potential future flood exposure around the world. 

The data suite is developed using the latest global climate science, comprises the full range of RCP scenarios, and represents every 5-year time period from now until the end of the century to empower risk management and resilience strategies. 

Complemented by the market’s first UK Climate Change Flood Model, join JBA Director, Jane Toothill, and JBA Climate Risk Consultant, Sarah Jones, to find out how this groundbreaking data can help you.

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