Innovative new product offerings launched to assess climate-related risks - Forests, Health, Typhoon, Flooding, Crop Insurance

May 18, 2020
A new film outlining a set of innovative and new product offerings for the insurance market has been launched by the H2020_Insurance project.

The topics covered range from a multi-hazard, multi-risk model for the Danube, though forest fire, climate and health, and typhoon, through to agricultural micro insurance in Tanzania.


Globally, there is increasing concern of the impacts of extreme climate events on people, assets and property. The Insurance Sector is key in increasing societies resilience to and recovery from extreme events, and use climate services to assess this risk.

These new products help to increase the spread and penetration of risk transfer, thus providing protection to currently under protected regions, but can also be used by all.

Learn more about each insurance demonstrator here -> 

  • Forest demonstrator, Learn more
  • Climate services for the health sector, Learn more
  • Agricultural micro-insurance, Learn more
  • Typhoon climate service, Learn more
  • Danube regional Multi-hazard multi-risk model, Learn more
  • Risk model integration into Oasis Loss Modelling Framework, Learn more
  • Scaling climate services data & model accessibility through Oasis HUB, Learn more

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